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    Is your company offering the service with verbal contract?

      We are being asked to pay Pre-termination fee by Hotline which amount is not specifically indicated on the terms and condition that we signed. In fact, when you offered promotion with gift certificate, we accepted your offer that we extend another period. But there was no explanation that in the another period, you will change the condition for the termination. And Hotline kept on telling us the contract has been done over the phone with sufficient explanation about the changes of terms and condition. Ok, if that's the case, why do not you show the proof or record when you called us for the promotion? I keep on requesting that I just wanna clarify that you really explained. So that I will understand and willing to pay. We clients are not relying on your system, we do not care your system which you could probably do whatever. My point is that you changed terms and condition without explaining the client and asking to pay giving us your internal arrangement? Please be proper business transaction. Even copy of general application form should be given to the client at the first place.