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    Bill Dispute


      I'm trying my best to be calm. Last June I went to Malaysia I subscribed to the unlimited data plan promo for 3 days. I thought everything went smoothly. Imagine my horror upon seeing my bill which totalled to 42,000. Tried to call, email, tweeted, chat but to no avail. I have been disconnected several times now. After posting this I think I really need to speak to Globe reps at the store. When I called for dispute the agent told me to wait for feedback. After weeks had passed I tweeted they told me to wait still subject for review. But still Im paying my monthly dues. So today you notified me that my outgoing services has been disconnected. I called again and now the rep told me issue is closed and told me that the notation says that the previous agent did not submiited the form in the correct format. Then she disconnected the call. Amazing! 


      Im just so tired with all that's happening. I don't deserve this. 42,000 is just waaaay to much! I guess it's goodbye Globe! We'll see