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    Globe Online Application Approval Confirmation


      Hi Globe team,


      I applied for a Globe postpaid plan with a Samsung Galaxy S4 handset. I have agreed to a 7 month advance payment, for a 30 month lock in period. 3 sales agents called me for verifications, and the third caller confimed that my application has been approved and the handset is now up for delivery.


      However I rescheduled the delivery date from Wednesday (Oct. 2) to Friday (Oct. 4), and both of us agreed as I won't be at home to receive the handset, and as the agent advised, I can't claim it from a Globe Business Center. It will be delivered right on my doorstep, and the agent who would bring the handset would receive my payment.


      I would like to know if the Approval is Confirmed as I only transacted with them thru phone and if it's normal? And I wasn't given any reference number to track my transaction. Is there any way for me to have a reference number to follow up my application? I hope someone could help me on this one. I'll greatly appreciate it. 


      Thanks and regards,