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    my first bill


      I signed up for the1799 plan last month. I received the unit (iphone 5) last August 23. I paid 8999 for the unit and the advance MRF.


      Just last weekend, I received a bill and I have to pay 7299?! for what?


      First, they're charging me 1799 twice which is 3,598. 

      Second, the bill says I have to pay for the unit (again) which is 7,200. (which makes my bill 10,798 now)

      Third, there is less 3499. Where did this come from? That's why I have to pay 7,299. 


      I mean, what's happening? Why do I have to pay for this again? I already paid for those! Plus, the bill says this is Bill Period 27 Aug 13-05 Sep 13.


      anybody else experienced this?