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    How 'Accept as Solution' feature helps Globe Community

      Here in Globe Community, we value contributors who get to help other customers through helpful posts. As such, we want to highlight how the 'Accept as Solution' feature helps the Globe Community.


      'Accepted Solutions' identify contents that solve members' problems and make these responses more prominent and easy to access.

      Globe Community members who author a particular thread can choose the best among the replies as an 'Accepted Solution'. Once a solution is accepted, the original message is marked with an icon to signify that the reply was marked as a solution. A click on the icon takes users directly to the solution.


      If you're a thread starter, you will see the 'Accept as Solution' button just below each posted message, below Reply. Should more than one solution be provided, the thread starter can accept more than one solution.




      Once a response is marked as an 'Accepted Solution', it will easily be identified from the list of topics with a green checkmark beside the title of the thread. When you click the checkmark, it will lead you directly to the solution.





      You may also click the title of the thread and you will see that the first post contains a link to the Accepted Solution.




      Once you click on the 'Go to Solution' link, you don't have to scroll down anymore and you will easily see the Accepted Solution with a green background.




      The original poster can also revoke an accepted solution by going to the 'Options' menu and clicking 'Not the Solution'

      Accepted Solutions 5.PNG



      We hope this explanation of the Accepted Solutions will encourage Globe Community members to use it once your question has been answered to your satisfaction.


      If you have found the answer to your question or concern, don't forget to recognize the person who replied to you by marking the post as an 'Accepted Solution' - this will not only help you, but also other members to find solutions faster.

      Meanwhile, has someone been helpful? Give them a Thumbs Up to show your appreciation