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    Billing - What is Premium True Tones?


      Of late, I've been getting billed monthly under LOCAL DATA CHARGES - Content Downloading and Messaging Charges Content Type - Premium True Tones that is worth P15 each.


      I have not turned on my data connection but I still get this type of bill.


      Would anyone know what this is all about and how do I get around to cancelling this?  I'm using a Samsung S4...



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          Hi @glmartinez  .

          Welcome to Globe Community. We are here to help you. :smileyhappy:


          Have you receive any notifications from a 4-digit access number? If ever you have you can reply STOP<space>ALL to that access number to deactivate that. 


           Edit** In addition you can call the customer service via  211 to have it deactivated in the system if you dont know what is the 4-digit access code :smileyhappy: