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    How to monitor bandwidth for multiple devices?


      hello everyone.


      since we're all aware that globe has set their FUP and bandwith cap, i guess there's not much we can do than to be mindful of our bandwidth usage.


      im currently under the 2mbps plan / 5gb bandwidth cap per day, which i dont really have an issue in terms of bandwidth cap of 5gb a day; except at times im downloading large files (from iTunes or bought games from Steam, like the time i bought GTA 4 which took me a few days to complete the download, about 16GB). i dont dowload frequently that i consume all the bandwidth everyday.


      nevertheless, i would still like to monitor the consumption of all our devices from multiple platforms using the single router/modem globe issued. i use PC, android and iOS to connect to the internet. i've downloaded a software called NetWorx which is a great tool to monitor the bandwidth consumption, speed, etc. it can also be synchronized if there are multiple windows users.


      unfortunately, i think the software is only for PC/Windows. but i wanted to monitor all my devices, like i said together with android and ios data consumption over wlan.


      does anybody know how to do this bandwidth monitoring for multiple platforms? or rather, monitor the router itself for its data usage? i have a globe-issued prolink H5001N router.