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    Samsung Galaxy S4 buldging/swelling battery issue. Help!


      Good morning po. First post ko po ito. I've read the other thread about the s4's battery swelling/buldging in this same forum. I am having the same problem with the majority of s4 owners regarding the battery. My case is that my device automatically shutdowns (mostly when it's charge is between 50%-80% but there is also a time that even if it is full charged, it still automatically shutdowns) and whenever I try to turn it on again, sometimes it will open with the same percent of battery when it shutted down, and sometimes it just won't open and stop at the loading screen where it shows the samsung logo then shutdowns again. Majority from what I've read, it is a common problem about s4. Long story short, my question is, if I ever buy a new battery, will it fix the problem? I need answers from those who have the same problem and bought a new battery. Did it work? are you still having problems with your new battery? Suggestions and answers will be much appreciated. Thankyou guys, Have a nice day! :heart: