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    where did my load go?


      the other day, i loaded 100Pp+150Pp=250Pp.


      i did supersurf120,  also did supersurf status and finally bal to 222 .thats all the messages i sent.


      now here comes the answer from server 222: " Your balance as of 10/01/2013 01:53 is P84.00..."


      simple math: 120+84=204PP. can globe please account for this form of DISHONESTY!

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          Hi! Did you connect your stick to the internet or you put the sim into a mobile hotspot if yes, well that is the reason
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              when i first used my 4G mwifi stick, i was instructed by sales to first use a cellphone in order to activate this gadget. then i was suppose to transfer the sim from my smartphone to my wifi stick. is this how we are to set this everytime we go supersurf_._?


              to access gadget settings, you need to go everytime you do that, globe considers this as connecting to the internet. which is not true since you cannot surf the net without the system being set to 8888. it is technically connecting to a router with a pulse. i pressume its WCDMA  if i'm not mistaken. just like any other cellular system, you need an actve sim to access this network.


              about connecting to a hotspot, i am not familiar with that. i know that routers can be made into hotspots but you cannot connect to the net with the pc/laptop/netbook setting it up to be one. 

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              :smileyhappy: welcome.. di ako nakaranasan ng ganyan e.. pero, pwede mo namang iescalate yan sa kinauukulan.. :smileyhappy:) yung sis ko kasi na experience ng ganan. Naka supersurf siya tapos kinain yung 60 something na load nya.. pinatawag ko siya sa globe customer service.. ayun..binalik naman yung load after 3 days of investigation kasi napatunayan na aside sa pagrereg sa supersurf, wala ng ibang services na ini-avail yung sis ko . :smileyhappy:

              Call them..makukuha mo pa yan kapag napatunayan na wala kang extra services na kinuha para mawala yung load..:smileyhappy: