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    Account termination due to no signal at home


      I have a globe postpaid plan 1800 with lock-in period of 30 months. In the 1st and 2nd month, I found out that it only had one signal bar inside my home, very poor for in/out call & text and impossible for data. In the 3rd month, it got worse, NO SIGNAL at all. I'm in the 4th month now.


      Unfortunately, I have to go outside and look for a stronger reception whenever I want to call/text or use 3G (if I get lucky enough). My home is located in the main road, without trees, no buildings, nothing to block the signal, the worse thing is that my other globe PREPAID line has a STRONG signal all the time.


      I have reported this to globe customer service, they instructed me to do "troubleshooting", they have created reports, tickets, etc. (which they also CLOSED without actually fixing the problem) I have visited their business center too many times, they have replaced my simcard 3 times, I have been patient all these time, and the problem is still... A PROBLEM. 


      Despite these “Inconveniences” (this word doesn’t suffice what I have gone through) I always pay my bill on time. 


      Now, the tech team asked me to wait another 7 days to "Observe" again (3rd time), which I will give them "in the spirit of cooperation & understanding on my part" BUT once these 7 days have passed without fixing the PROBLEM, well, I have no choice but to TERMINATE the contract on the SOLID grounds I mentioned above.


      I will give them back the unit I so loved (GS4), I will settle the bill for the month, but I will NOT pay any pre-termination nor shoulder the price of the unit whatsoever. I wouldn’t want any problem, it’s not my fault (in any way).


      If you are globe, tell me where my fault here is.


      For the community, put yourself in my shoes, how would you handle it?