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    Globe DSL Plan 999 3mbps Inquiry



      Since I've already tried asking this via @talk2Globe either on Twitter or Chat but haven't been given any answer, hope I can get a decent answer here.


      I'm a new Globe Tattoo subscriber and I've just subscribed at the said plan (title). I've been told to wait for 24hrs for the activation of my account. Well as of this writing it's been 38hrs since the installation was finished and my speed is still about 0.60mbps. How long is the maximum wait time for the activation seeing that I've just been lied to since it's way past 24hrs already.


      One other question is, what is this 'account' they are referring to. I haven't been given any details about it. The agent and technician just went to my house last Oct.7 finished the installation at around 12:10 noon, gave me a receipt for the P999 I paid, called Globe and let me talk to it to answer a few questions and that's it. So I'm kind of curious on what this 'account' they are referring to that needs to be activated or is it some kind of an automatic thing that they would instantly know that it is my modem that they need to activate or something.


      Hope somebody can give a rather simple and informational reply. Thank you!