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    iPhone5 replacement taking so long!


      I had surrendered my iphone5 to Globe Greenbelt store on Aug27. I was advised the latest it would take is only 4 weeks. I haven't received any feedback, so ater a month, September27, I went back to the store and I was told it was still in process. I was told that they were still waiting for the stocks to come. I am constantly checking for updates on Globe's account on twitter, and  through their customer service 211. all I'm getting are apologies but nothing has been really done! 


      The rep from twitter told me that it would actually take 6 weeks the latest for the replacement to come and not 4 weeks. I Was already upset but I waited for 6 weeks. I went back to Globe Greenbelt last Monday, October7, and they told me the same thing they told me 2 weeks ago. that they dont have any stocks yet! 


      I fully understand that stocks has to come from Apple Singapore but it's Globe responsibility to make sure they have enough stocks for replacements as well. I read a lot of threads here and the latest,people have to wait is 4 weeks and they are from Tagbilaran/ Tacloban. I am only from Taguig, and I am now waiting for more than 6 weeks. I am really upset and frustated now! I dont feel any urgency from Globe on helping me. All they can do is apologize but they cant really do anything at all! in fact I feel that they are really not willing to do anything. I did all possible ways to hav this issue escalated but Ifeel that Im being ignored. Waiting for a replacement phone for more than 6 weeks is too long. I am really really disappointed with Globe. I dont know whatelse I can do for them to provide me with my replacement phone the soonest possible!