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    Why can't I send messages on my Huawei Ascend P6 Postpaid Plan?




      Warning: This is a long post. :smileyhappy:



      So we availed White Huawei Ascend P6 postpaid plan from Globe almost a month from now. Problem is, I cannot send message on a consistent manner.




      1) Phone got replaced once I think 2 days after we got the phone. It was due to auto shut on and off of the phone and not getting any signal at all after the 24-48hrs activation period. We went to Globe prior to the mobile replacement and the representative said that in their system, the network is already active. We tried other existing Globe sim number on my P6 and everything works well. 


      2) That same day, they issued me a new sim but same number. Few mins later, we were able to get a signal. We checked the phone,  everything is fine, except the outgoing sending of message (issue it started here). As far as I can remember, they changed the sim again with same number that day. But still, they failed. I suggested to try the simcard on another phone (Samsung S4 to be exact), and surprisingly, it worked on that phone. We inserted the sim back to the P6 and we failed again to fix the issue. They advised us to turn on and off the phone and observe it then we left that Globe branch.


      3) We went back to Globe (this time, the branch were we got the phone which is in Eastwood) few days after the replacement. Still, cannot send message. They tried it on another Huawei P6, which is their model phone and yeah, sending message worked. Thinking that it could be a phone problem, they decided to replace the unit AGAIN. But, there are no available unit that time so we sticked to the current phone we're using and left the branch.


      4) We went back to the other Globe branch where we got our first replacement (Globe SM Taytay). I can't remember what were the procedures we did that time but anyway. Considering to change the unit again, they tried the available white P6 that same night. But the new unit wasn't the solution at all. So we think it was really a network issue. As far as I can remember, there was another unit that we're supposed to try. Unfortunately, that unit was reserved so we can't have it. Anyway, I asked them if it's possible to change my number and they said yes. So what they did was, they changed my simcard and gave me a NEW number. We left Globe since they mentioned that changing of number may reflect after 1-2 hours. I was excited to try the text message, but then again we failed



      5) We went back the other day since the rep told us that the person who reserved it didn't show up. So we tested the new phone, inserted my sim, and still my number cannot send messages. Failed again. We left Globe. 


      I researched on the internet hoping that other people have experienced this already. Some mentioned that it could be due to SMS Center #. Huawei P6 doesn't have that setting on it (That's weird. But if anyone here knows that setting, please tell me. But I checked all settings on my phone  including message settings, I can't find it). So I tried to download other text messaging apps like Go SMS Pro and it has a setting of changing the SMS Center #. I tried Globe's different SMS Center # I got on the internet, specially the basic #: +639170000130. Still, I failed


      6) We went back to Eastwood Globe branch few days after. The representative called the Globe hotline and talked to the tech team. They asked us a few instructions like searching for another network operators, checking SMS Center # etc. Sadly, even them cannot fix my issue right away. They said they escalated my problem to the tech team and will investigate what might be causing the glitch on sending outgoing text message. They gave me a reference number and advised me to wait for a result within 7 days.


      7) After a week, a Globe rep called me and told me that they were not able to come up with a solution yet. They asked to wait for another week or days more. I was still patient that time and I told them, "Okay". I said also that every day I am trying to send a message to different Globe subscribers and sending always fails. But here's a mystery I am really confused. Within that 7 days, I tried my simcard on my Lenovo phone and it was working perfectly. With the simcard inserted on Lenovo, I deleted the existing SMS Center #, saved it then changed it back again. I inserted the sim back on my Huawei P6 and I was surprised that I was able to send a message ONCE. But on my second attempt, it can't send message again. Fail.


      8) A week has passed again. No one's calling me. Not hearing anything from Globe regarding my issue so I decided to call them. They said they'll follow up on the team that is "investigating" it. I said it's been two weeks since they said that. And it's been a month that I am encountering issues since the day of getting the plan.  The representative advised me to try dialing a certain number: #33*1234# it is to deactivate call barring. I researched on this activate and deactivate call barring and tried to activate it and deactivate again. Still, can't send message. Fail.



      Thank you for reading my long post. 


      So now, it's been a month of having issues on my network. They are not sure if it was a phone or a network issue. And I hope Globe will wave any bills related to my case.


      To Globe, I hope you'll be able to fix this right away. Investigate further the issue if network or mobile related.  


      And, if there's someone who knows a fix on this, please tell me immediately. Sending of messages is really important on my work. 


      Hoping for your immediate response.