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    Customer service hotline

      Why I can't connect to your customer service hotline?I'm getting disconnected everytime I try to call them
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          I suggest you call late at night. It's easier to connect that way.


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            Hey Anna. What are you using to call the hotline - mobile or landline? At what level in the hotline structure are you getting disconnected (e.g. Press 1 then 1)?

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              I am using Globe Globe Tattoo now for a couple of years and have been pretty Happy with the Services. More than a month now i experience no more Bandwidth, simple websites do not open anymore like Facebook, Gmail and many others. I have been trying to call the Hotline about 500 times, and got finally connected once (which makes a chance to talk to someone 500 to 1), after telling my problem i got advised to observe the problem for 24 hours, nothing changed. To this problem i experience lost Points, i tried to save points for a new Globe Tattoo Stick, and had already far over 600 points....they are gone now to. I tried again today to call the Hotline 55 times, and got always disconnected after the torture of pressing 1, and 1, and 3, and 1, and 0, now finally being connected to an Service Representative.....and get disconnected. Slowly i do not see any other chance to get rid of my problems....than to get rid of Globe.
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                pano magbavbayad ng bill ng internet kung wala pang bill na natatanggap?
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                  hirap kumontak! ilang linggo nako nagkokontak twing may kausap ako nagloloko network at idle daw ako. tapos sa twitter naman hindi ako pinapansin. nde ko pa nagagamit ang freebie ko hay. badtrip na badtrip nako sa service nato