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      Everytime I restart my phone, A message always pops up and says "sim card removed". Even if I try to remove then put back my sim card, it still happens. I need to restart for about  less than ten times for my sim to work properly. Also, I noticed that theres a moment where my phone is not able to get a signal, but other globe postpaid and prepaid users have one and sometimes, My mobile internet, suddenly goes away, then comes back a minute later. I thought this was natural, but my seatmate, which is really just beside me, is not experiencing the same thing.


      Is this really natural, or should I ask for a sim card replacement? It had just been one week since I got the plan.



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          hello there @dekoy1220 ..ano pong handset mo?

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            The number on the card together with your microsim will not indicate your mobile number. That's why you can change your number anytime without replacing your sim. With regard to your concern..Its best that you update your phone's firmware to the latest version and see if the problem is fixed. If you will still encounter the same problem, you should visit the nearest GBC and have your phone checked or maybe request for a replacement if possible.
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              IMO di po problema ng sim card yan or nung hardware ng s4. Bale nabasa ko po dati na meron talagang bug ang Jellybean Android sa mga sim card regardless of carrier.


              Kaya po naka halt yung 4.3 nila update sa S4 kasi inaayos nila yung work around doon sa bug na yun sa kitkat release. Though yung release nila na 4.3 sa newer versions ay medyo polished though di released through OTA.


              Nasubukan ko na rin yung 4.3 na early release at 4.2.2 jellybean inclusing mods. Maski iba carrier na bitaw rin at na simcard failure. ^_^