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    Why does globe's customer service s_ _ _s?


      I called customer service that my globe sim has no signal in Gen San. Says it take 7 DAYS for this concern to be looked at. They asked where exactly in gen san do I have no signal. I told them I'm all over gen san and haven't got a signal at any location. Phone is good since my smart number is working in the same phone. Globe sim has no signal in another phone that i tried putting it in. 


      Globe customer service: Sorry if you can't provide exact location we can't help you.


      I said I'm travelling around gen san since i'm checking on a few things for my firm. 


      Globe customer service: Sorry, we need exact location.


      What a S----- thing. 


      Called smart customer service, they immediately told me which area in gen san should i expect low signal or good signal strength.


      What a difference.


      But anyhow, however much I vent here, Globe would never try to improve customer service since "we have a process a process to follow".  Bahala na ang customer. We're a big network. So tiis cla sa service. Kng ayaw nila, d transfer to other network.


      Oh well..... no use telling them to improve their service.