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      i applied online last 03/12/2012. Handset iphone 5 16G, plan 1,699. I was informed that my application was approved 03/21/2013-- and to wait for a call within 48hrs. 48 hrs na, walang call. I sent tweets to @talk3GLOBE, @kirkofGLOBE, @kenofGLOBE, @JenofGlobe. I called the hotline, chatted with a globe rep, WAIT FOR A FEED BACK was the constant reply.



      I FINALLY received a call. The first call was around 8:30 in the morning informing me that my BBZ10  was approved that my handset was ready blah blah blah -- so i said STOP, i ordered an IP5, not a BB. so the agent said , "oh, okay, i'll just call again". the next call i received that day was around 6PM this time asking me what color i preferred, and that the handset would be delivered on 04/02/2013. I informed the agent that I work for the government so if this delivery was for sure, may i just leave an auth letter? she said no, that I had to wait for it since I applied online, that i was the one who needed to sign for the parcel.the woman informed me - "don't worry, just go to work, and we'll call you once the handset is near". So i said ok, that works for me. I stopped "kuliting them".



      Past noon, no call came, so i thought maybe, just maybe, they wouldn't be calling me so I asked permission from my head to go on under-time (UT) to wait for the handset. My grandma was hospitalized at that time too, so i waited at the hospital, but my mom urged me to wait at home coz no one was practically there. We do not have the luxury of getting "paid / sick" leaves, so i had to go on unpaid UT that day. i called the sales hotline using my cellphone around 5:30PM. the agent informed me THAT THERE WAS NO NOTE ON MY ACCOUNT FOR ANY DELIVERY AT ALL. i was of course pissed by this. and since his information is LIMITED, he could only MAKE A FOLLOWUP. (like i haven't heard this before.)



      I had a chat rep assist me again. this time, she informed me that THERE WAS A NOTE ABOUT THE DELIVERY, however, THERE WAS NO STOCK AVAILABLE FOR THE HANDSET REQUESTED. This was the LAMEST EXCUSE i have ever heard. who in their RIGHT MIND would set a delivery date without checking the stocks--if this was ever true. I asked for his oracle ID # (i walways do whenever I call the hotline, that's aside from their names, and I ALWAYS record conversations with reps for me to use whenever I need it) and he told me to wait for a call the soonest time possible coz he has escalated the issued. But i know for sure, nothing would be resoled until i get a straight answer.



      several follow-ups were made, to ALL COMMUNICATION CHANNELS available and possible, still no feedback was made. I HAVE NOT RECEIVED ANY CALL. Frustrated, I informed one of my "inside connections" sa globe. my "connection" is one executive, and i really didn't want to inform him/her(want to stay vague) about this problem, but I just needed to since I will be celebrating my 1month problem this coming 04/12/13. He/She was really surprised about this and informed me that she will be truly escalatiung this and will demand for an answer from the appropriate channels.


      04/05/13 5:30-6:00pm (ESTIMATED TIME)

      I knew I could rely on my "inside connection". While writing a formal complaint for globe to NTC and DTI (yes, I am a serious about it), I received a call from the Dispatch Team.  She informed me that they were truly sorry about the problem, that an agent DID make a note about a delivery, however the system upgrade blocked it (orsomething like that) so it didn't go through. I informed her that i compeltely, truly understood about upgrades, i worked with a telecommunication company before, it was US based tho, so i understand what a hassle these system upgrades truly were-- i just wish you just sent me an sms or gave me a call so I wouldn;t need to wait for nothing. She once again apologized, and i can truly here the apology in her tone, and she asked me if I am still willing to push through. I was going to say no but my mum sad na mahiya raw ako sa "inside connection ko" kasi pinagtiyagaan na ma.asikaso tong problema na to. So cge, one last chance, sabi ko sa kanya. She gave me a delivery date --04/11/13. She said naSURE NA SURE na talaga to ma'a,. I am truly part of the dispatch team, I guarantee you that your handset WILL BE delivered on the said and promised date. She will call me before it arrives, coz they already know about my work-dilemma. 


      I'm just sharing this to everyone and I'd like to know if there are other people with the same problems? Coz I''d like to compile the numbers and help you too. THIS IS NOT COMPLAINING, I AM NOT COMPLAINING, BUT AN EXPERIENCE SHARED TO EVERYONE. My long complaint letter(s) was sent to the appropriate channels --NTC and DTI, and of course, globe's support team. 



      I will definitely update you guys if my handset does or does not come on the 11th. And sorry for any typo errors, am lazy to proof-read my posts, lol.


          If you read sinew's post, her iphone5 will be deliver on 4/11/13. So, she will updated as on or before 4/11/13 if her "inside connection" is successful on helping her.


            Magulo talagang kausap ang mga Reps ng GLOBE SUPER!!! ano ba yan iba ibang Information System ba ginagamit at iba iba ang sagot nila? :smileyfrustrated:

              I hope you get your phone on April 11. I, for one, havelso experienced this. My supposed pick up date is march 27 yet no phone was delivered. After frequent follow ups, it was moved to April 8. :smileysad: I'm hoping that I get it tomorrow. Talking to them every single day to do follow ups and get status updates is seriously tiring. It would be good if we, the customers, can track the status of our application (i.e., aproval, handset availability, if the handset is in transit) without calling them. Yes, there could be times that they could overlook our application due to the volume of transactions but giving us an avenue to know where we at with them could save us (both globe and customers) a lot of trouble. :smileyhappy:
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                I'm also experiencing the same thing. And its really unfair naman on my part coz I upgraded my existing plan to 1799 to get the ip5 and they automatically change it last Mar 28 pa. Until now I havent receive it and based on your comments it may take time pa and baka babayaran ko na ung bill nla di ko pa rin na rereceive yung phone. :-( haaaisst... Sana if it's "re-contracting" once the customer receive their phone that's the time pa Lang magchange yung plan..
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                  Ooohh so sad, that just the first problem your going to encounter with Globe, patikim lang yan. Sabi nga Enjoy Globe. For those planning to apply a new line much better to do it at Globe Store the only hassle you will have is if your preferred unit is not available. Before applying at Globr Store make sure you have all the requiements. Max na yung 2 hrs na processing, then kuha na agad unit mo if not pababalikin ka nila like 1-3 days or leave a number for them to call you. Online Application is really painful and stressful, they are third party only unlike Globe Store.

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                    @blu4 thanks for the advice. I will call them again today and get the ref. no. Haay.. Nakakastress...
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                        I agree. To be honest my experiece recontracting was not pleasant either, but learned some tips, such as:


                        1. It's always better to process through the hotline. I don't think their systems are centralized yet, so if you applied online or through other means, going to their branch won't help because they won't have access to your application. 

                        2. Always ask for your reference number. This is your proof of your request. When calling for a follow up, start your conversation with the reference number, so they can pull up your case right away.

                        3. It's hard to call the hotline during the day. You'll have better chances of getting connected right away when you call around late at night.

                        4. Ask for updates with a reasonable frequency. It won't help to ask for updates multiple times a day.


                        Last maybe is to not pour your rage on the agents. Fine, Globe has system problems and everything, but it's not necessarily the agent's fault. 


                        Hope this helps!