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    Best Samsung Galaxy Note 3 deal with Globe


      Samsung Galaxy Note 3


      The long wait is over! Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is finally out! Let’s get ready to be amazed because Samsung has something up in its sleeves.


      Two questions are stirring in everyone’s minds. First question, is this preview of the new generation of smartphones? And second, would you buy a Samsung Galaxy Note 3, in replacement of your Samsung Galaxy Note 2?


      Let’s answer the first question by diving into the new features and components of this device.

      1. 1.   Life made easy with the S Pen
        1. Hover your S Pen anywhere on the screen and by just clicking a button aside S Pen, it gives you a quick access to 5 useful S Pen features which are:

                    • Action memo - quick memo taking features use ful for common everyday tasks
                    • Scrapbooker - Information and Multi-media Collection 
                    • Screen Write - Screen annotation (comments, additional info, etc.)
                    • S Finder - Smart search
                    • Pen Window - a pop up window drawn by S Pen


      1. 2.   Larger than life screen experience
        1. a.    You can now do tasks simultaneously with amazing ease with the New Multi Window. Multi Window means more than just opening and viewing two different applications at the same time on your screen. By using the 'Drag & Drop' mode in new Multi Window, you can easily drag and drop words or captured images from one window to the other in an instant for enhanced productivity across different applications. Also, you can now open the same application in two windows at the same time: read the news in one browser while searching in another, view two Youtube videos or chat with two different people on ChatON.
        2. b.   Its 5.7” Full HD Screen makes daily routine a delightful routine for all of its users. This bigger display enables efficient multitasking and a maximum viewing experience. Explore where this large screen can take you.
        3. c.    Presenting My Magazine. Everyone really can’t live without social media beside them. With that said, Samsung Note 3 will make that bond even stronger because of its magazine-type interface. Enjoy news, social media and more in one place with curated content in a modern and dynamic presentation. Never miss out on anything. 
      1. 3.   Multi-tasking has never been this fun
        1. Multi-tasking is very evident in today’s fast paced lifestyle. With this phone’s Pen Window, you can quickly switch from one task to the other. This tool allows you to quickly perform another simple task. Open a window as small or as large as you want, wherever you want on the screen. The GALAXY Note 3 allows you to multitask via new windows without interrupting your work on the main screen. For example, while preparing a presentation, create a smaller window to access a calculator for some quick math. Working from different windows simultaneously has never been easier.


      Now, let’s answer question number two. Would you buy a Galaxy Note 3 as an upgrade for your Galaxy Note 2? Let’s put them side by side to see the real difference. The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 brought great innovations, but the Galaxy Note 3 brings with it ground breaking ones!








      Leather-like stitch back cover


      Screen Experience


      My Magazine

      New multi-window


      Screen Specifications

      5.5-in HD (1280 x 720)


      5.7-in Full HD (1920 x 1080)



      16/32/64GB user memory + 2GB RAM


      32 / 64GB user memory + micro SD slot (up to 64GB)  with 3GB RAM


      S Pen


      Air View

      Easy Clip

      S Note


      Air Command

      Action memo

      Screen Write

      S Finder

      Pen Window

      Direct Pen Input

      New Easy Clip

      New S Note



      8 Megapixels

      13 Megapixels


      1.6 GHz quad-core processor


      LTE : 2.3 GHz Quad-Core Processor



      Android 4.1 (Jellybean)


      Android 4.3 (latest Jellybean)



      In conclusion, the Samsung Note 3 is an AMAZING device. This is really at the forefront of smartphones. I’m sure that everyone will love this phone.


      Globe Community members, what are you waiting for? Buy one now and experience the wonderful features that they have added to make our mobile experience more fun and innovative. Now, we can truly say that, everything is within our reach/palm.


       *Video is from www.samsungmobilepress.com


      The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 can be yours at only Php1799/month (Plan 999 + Php800 cash out per month for 24 months contract period). Other postpaid options and prepaid kit pricing below. Get your own unit today!


      Galaxy Note 3 Pricing.PNG



      • 0. Samsung Galaxy Note 3

        Hi good afternoon,


        Does anyone here have any news on the release or launch date for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 for Globe?

        As announced, in most countries it will be released on the 25th of this month (sept), will the same be for the Philippines?



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