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    Globe's WIMAX for near Inocencio, Trece Martires City, Cavite Internet and Landline


       Hello Everyone. I am posting about our internet services/landline for our location. As of the moment Started last Sept. 18 All plans with landline have been affected by a Network issue for the whole Cavite and others.. 

      I am a subs connected to a tower at Inocencio and almost all of the time I expirience slow browsing. I also contacted their hotline(s) but no luck. I tried to get contact with a Globe Store but it say's that my current tower is currently "Congested" another supervisor on the phone tells me that the tower I am connected with will be upgraded but it takes time, It did'nt tell a ETA so it means it could be still a plan which could be completed or not. Due to this I am always checking our my neighbors connection before I report. But as always they told me that "Sir, There will be a technican calling you if they need to go to your premises." but still "I am sorry for any inconvinience we may have caused you but the J.O you are calling is is currently open but doesn't have schedule nor our support group response.". This problem caused a lot when maintaning my web services. Does any one have this problem?