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    Very Bad Experience with Recontracting


      I've been a loyal Globe user for more than 10 years. I started with a prepaid account when I was still a student and that continued until I was working already. More than 2 years ago, I subscribed to a postpaid plan. Aside from my personal postpaid plan, I also subscribed to a Globe Postpaid Family Plan and Globe DSL at home.


      At the end of June 2013, I was qualified for recontracting already. However, because of questionable charges/billing concerns that I experienced when I went to Singapore last June, I didn't settle my bill until August of 2013. I was trying to get help from Globe for more than one month for that billing issue, but it was only resolved when I asked helped from someone with a high position in the Partner Relations & Development Department. But that's entirely a different story and it's already resolved.


      Anyway, when Globe contacted me for recontracting, they told me the phones that were offered for Plan 499. The Samsung Duos caught my attention especially after I read its reviews online. If I'm not mistaken, this was in July 2013. After I settled my bill, on the 2nd week of August, I called them back to inform them that I would like to take the offer already. They told me about which phones I could choose from. The Samsung Duos phone was still included but, unfortunately, it was unavailable.


      I was advised by the agent to check other phones or opt for bill rebates instead. I asked if it was going to still be available, the agent said they don't know but I can try again after a few days. I wanted that phone, so I decided to just check after a few days.


      From then on, it was like a weekly routine for me. I called 211, pressed 1 for english, pressed 1 for billing, pressed 7 for recontracting. Then they ask for your concern, ask for your details then your 4-digit password. I ask which phones are offered and which ones are available. All those times, the Samsung Duos was always part of the list for Plan 499 but was also always unavailable.


      From August until October 2013, I called almost weekly (sometimes even twice in 1 week), asking for updates and which phones were available. At least 3 agents promised to monitor the availability of the phone that I wanted, the Samsung Duos, and call me as soon as it's available. But no one ever did.


      In September, I was already asking for other options on how to get that phone. I was advised that I could go to a Globe Store and check the availability of the Samsung Duos. If they have Samsung Duos units available and they are willing to release it to recontracting clients, I can already ask their assistance to have it released while coordinating with 211. (It was a good advise but I wasn't able to do that until October. I'll get to that in a bit)


      In one of the phone calls, I told the agent that I had a friend who subscribed to plan 499 recently after seeing the FB ad and he was able to acquire the Samsung Duos phone immediately. The agent told me that there is a different allocation for new line applications and existing customers. So apparently, new subscribers are more prioritized compared to loyal ones.


      The agent gave me a recommendation which I found very offensive or at least very insensitive. He said, I can have my line of more than 2 years cut and apply for a new line instead just to get the phone I wanted. Does this agent know and understand what he's talking about? That's probably the worst advice you can give to someone who's a postpaid plan subscriber. The inconvenience of changing numbers and possibly losing contacts in the process is unacceptable.


      October 10, 2013, I had a chance to go to Globe Glorietta 3. This particular branch has a lot of positive feedback when it comes to helping customers out. I think this is the same team from the former Park Square Branch. True enough, I was assisted very quickly by one of their employees, her name is Dot. She was very quick and very helpful. I told her about my concern and she happily told me that they had Samsung Duos units available for recontracting subscribers. She guided me towards the Globe phones on the side and told me to inform the customer assistance center that they have the units available and they can process the release already. This made me very happy. After waiting for months, I was finally gonna get the phone that I wanted. She even showed me how the phone looked like.


      So I talked to the rep over the phone, the rep got all my info, He also talked to Dot to relay some info to her. He placed me on hold for 2 or three times I think. I was already on the phone for almost 30 minutes at the time and was waiting for the final word from the phone agent.


      Suddenly, the phone agent said, they're experiencing an error. They couldn't process the release because they couldn't pull up the Samsung Duos from their list of phones available for Plan 499 recontracting clients.He said maybe Dot can help me out and process the release on-site. I called Dot and they talked. And then Dot informed me that they couldn't process the release anymore because the phone is already not included in the list of phones for recontracting. I was very surprised because earlier in the conversation, as well as in the conversation with the on-site employee, Dot, I was told that the Samsung Duos was included. And then, after making me wait for more than half an hour on-site (and months of monitoring), you're gonna tell me that it's not included anymore? The phone was already there, it was available for release, then you're gonna tell me you can't release it?


      I asked Dot more questions and she said she couldn't do anything about it. She was telling me to just opt for rebates instead. But that wasn't what I wanted. I left the store feeling so angry and pissed that I called 211 again after a few minutes. I reported the incident. The agent, Kate, just followed her apology script and said repeatedly that phones offered and availability are subject to change without prior notice. So I was asking her, why did it suddenly change after just a few minutes? Was it removed from the list of offered phones while I was waiting? Was it a case of very bad luck? She couldn't give me a definite answer. I got so tired of her repeating her spiel again and again so I hung up.


      I tweeted about it and of course, @talk2globe was trying to offer help. At this point, though, I told them that the only way they can help is to be able to give me the one thing that I wanted from the beginning.


      I don't know why but I've had the bad luck of getting bad customer service from Globe in recent months.


      To Globe, why do you give less significance to loyal subscribers? Shouldn't you give equal importance to us? Isn't it only fair to do that to show appreciation for our loyalty?




      Arnel Cayabyab

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          I feel for you @arnelc24  and Globe had been experiencing a lot of those glitches and sudden changes since this system upgrade came along. Call it a period of transition or adjustments and most everyone is affected by it... Globe and its subscribers. We would want to think that after all these, everything would turn out for the better... we hope so.


          I would always look at recontracting offers as a bonus for being a subscriber... a marketing tool to keep the customer with the network who are not content with just keeping their number and not wanting to have the burden of informing everyone in their contact list in case of a change of number. I for one invest in good numbers to form a part of my identity and using the same number for years have given others the perception of character consistency, stability and believe it or not, even respect which I would not exchange for material offers for recontracting. 


          Regarding your concern... recontracting offers may really change anytime.... and I've experienced this througout the duration of my subscription/s with Globe. Although I don't usually avail of phones thinking that they are overpriced and would drastically depreciate over time, the bill rebates I would avail of would go up or down per period of recontracting depending on which formula they would apply. Lately I have noticed that their bill rebate offers have increased by as much as 30% compared to what they offered 2 years ago which was welcome news for me.


          They may have delisted the Galaxy Duos and they may have their reasons but I understand your frustrations for waiting for that phone and thwarting your expectations when the opportunity was already there. Though hard to admit and difficult to accept, Globe had all the right to pull it out regardless of any reason. 


          There are ways of course including tapping somebody of higher authority to do something about it (escalation to make it "regular") but just make sure that the time and effort would still be worth it specially after even finding out that the Galaxy Duos that Globe offers has both sims (dual sim) locked to Globe!... still want it?



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            @arnelc24 Hi Arnel. I feel your frustration and would like to apologize for this. I have sent you a private message, which you can access from the menu above.
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                I gave my account and contact details to GlennO (Community Manager) and he mentioned that he'll forward the details to the concerned personnel.


                Yesterday evening, October 17, 2013, around 6pm, I received a call from 022386660. The caller, Nico, mentioned that he was from Globe and it was about my recontracting concern. Of course, he followed his script, mentioning that I can't avail of the recontracting offer if I had unpaid balances. I said I already knew that. In previous weeks, I was processing the recontracting offer when I didn't have any unpaid balance.


                So I asked him what the real purpose of the call was. He said that the phone I wanted, the Samsung Duos is now available (Hmmm, now it's available) and he can process it already when I settle my balance. I asked him, if I paid at the end of next week, would I still get the phone? The reason why I asked is because I might settle the balance and be informed again that it's not available anymore because as they always say, "the availability is subject to change without any prior notice". He said I was right but for my case, they already have the Duos allocated for me. By then, I thought things were looking up. That I would finally get the phone that was offered to me months ago.


                We discussed a few more things. We talked about the color of the unit I preferred. He also reminded me that I can call 730-1300(Did I get that right) right after I settle my balance so they can process it already. He also promised me that he'll monitor my account by the end of next week and call me as soon as my payments get reflected already. So I started this call angry but now I feel pretty good. Things were looking up, or so I thought...


                Minutes later, the phone rang again. It was Nico on the phone again. He followed his script as usual. However, the main purpose of the call was to inform me of some bad news again. He called to say that the Duos is not in the list anymore and I can only avail of the Duos for Plan 499 with an initial cashout of Php 2,400+ (if I'm not mistaken). I became very upset again. I said, this is what I complained about a week ago. What I complained about was that it was initially available and then it became unavailable the next minute. Now after I was told that the unit was already allocated for me, I was called again minutes later to tell me that I needed an initial cashout for the unit. It seemed like Nico didn't do his homework prior to our initial call. It seemed like he only discovered that there was an initial cashout AFTER our initial call because if he already knew about it, malamang naman sinabi na niya dapat agad yun. Tsk tsk tsk.


                So, the phone that was free with the Plan 499 recontracting offer before is not free anymore... *sigh ... frustrating.