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    We are always billed an MRF of 534 for the home phone bundled with our wimax plan1099, why?

      4months ago, we called the hotline to have our broadband transfered to our new address right before we move in to the new house. We had plan999 wimax for 3yrs most, according to the agent, we needed to upgrade our plan and introduced the plan1099 wimax with home phone bundle, stated that we would only be paying 1099 monthly that covers the internet and phone charges. Since we wanted the internet to be transferred right away, we agreed on upgrading to plan that was brought up. After a month, I received a bill and was surprised since i am enrolled in paperless billing and to my surprise it wasnt for the internet but for the home phone, amounting 599. I immediately called the hotline, and ask abou the bill, they said I jaz needed to disregard the bill for the home phone and jaz focus on paying 1099 for wimax. 2nd, 3rd and now 4th month, i have bills of the home phone now amounting 2833. I always call the hotline about it, both on broadband and postpaid services, i jaz receive same answer that i jaz disregard the bill. Not until yesterday that i received a text message that the home phone is temporarily disconnected until i pay the outstanding balance. What the heck, what we thought of the FREE service was not really free. We dont use the home phone for landline calls or to any other network, we made it sure that it is exclusively used for calls and text with globe and TM only, coz for all we know that was the FREE service that we can get availing of the plan1099 with the home phone bundle. I called the hotline, said i was subscribed to a superduo plan on the home phone for us to be able to use it to call landlines and other network, apparently, we didnt signed up for any other plan aside from the 1099wimax plan that was offered. I was really pissed off, we are getting billed for a service that we didnt initially applied for, what we are after is for our wimax to be transfered, no more no less.