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    Where can I see my internet bill

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          @JaphethUalat - you can sign up for MyAccount at https://accounts.globe.com.ph and add your internet account there to see your bill.
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            di ko na po kase mabuksan yung ni registered kong yahoo account e. pwede po bang step by step yung ilagay nyo po? hehe salamat po Godbless
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                Might be better if mag-register ka nalang ng new account :smileyhappy:



                • 1. Go to accounts.globe.com.ph and click on "Sign Up Now!"
                • 2. Pick the method na gusto mong gamitin to register:

                                       a. Facebook login

                                       b. Google login

                                       c. Yahoo! login

                                       d. manual 


                • 3. If it's any of the first three, just log in w/ your account details.  If it's manual, give an email add and password.  Click the verification link.  Do this within 24 hours.  
                • 4. When you're logged in, enroll a mobile account.  Click on "Add Account".
                • 5. Fill out the Add New Account form.  If you're enrolling a mobile number remember to click the "Send Code" button to get your verification code.  After you receive it in your mobile phone type it into the box and click "Add Account".



                My suggestion though sa viewing your bill is magregister ka nalang to paperless billing.  That way your bill comes to you :smileyhappy:  And each one comes with a password prompt so it's more secure.




                • 2. Fill out the form.  Make sure to confirm your SMS, and give the confirmation code you receive on your phone after.
                • 3. Click on "Send test email" after giving your email address.  This is to verify that the address you gave is working.
                • 4. Type in the CAPTCHA code.  
                • 5. If you received the test email, tick on "I received the test email".  If not, click "I did not receive the test email" to open the troubleshooting guide.
                • 6. After clicking "I received the test email", click the "Subscribe" button that will appear.
                • 7. Aaaaand you're done!
                Hope this helps!