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    Unused Charges


      Hi Guys,

      I'm new with the globe plan and I'm wondering with my current billing statement,.

      I have a bill here that states

      Monotones:MusicSvcs                    14                            62.44

      but i havn't downloeded any music. 


      Do you guys know how did i get this? Please clarify.


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          Call Customer Service, get the name of the person assisting you, the time and the date, then let them STOP all subscriptions to ringtones,etc. Let them do it manually on their end and get a reference number.


          My tip with any issues is to always document everything officially so there would be a basis to refer to.


          Ordinarily they would let you text STOP ALL to 2977 but I suggest that you let them do it so it would be on record.


          Don't forget to let them reverse the charges that you incurred.


          Sometimes these things happen when you have accidentally clicked a site with your phone number inputted or your number might have been a recycled one with a previous unstopped subscription.

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              Hi sir!


              Thank you for the reply.


              I've called the customer service already and they reverse the charges regarding the issue. Pero hindi daw nila ma stop yun manually on their end. I need to wait for the message daw regarding sa mga musics and text STOP.  how am i supposed to know yun ung message na hinihintay ko?

              I've tried texting STOP ALL to 2977 but there was no reply.

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                  Really? Then this system upgrade of theirs is actually a downgrade. It was possible before... I'm beginning to think that this modernization of Globe is becoming to be more detrimental to us subscribers.... I hope it is just part of the transition.


                  Nevertheless, would you have the number where it came from? I still can't believe that Globe's system cannot trace and stop it on their end as from what I know, part of the charges go to Globe.