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    THE WEEK AHEAD - October 14 - October 18


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      Hello Community!


      According to the dictionary, Talking means an exchange of ideas or opinions; a conversation. Well, any of these definitions will do. But, in our era where there is a wide array of channels that we can use to converse, we can do so much more than just simply exchanging ideas.


      Let’s expose some of the wonderful channels that we can use to converse with friends, families, and colleagues.



      Here is this week's THE WEEK AHEAD





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      THE WEEK AHEAD - October 14 - October 18


      Monday, October 14:

      - Now that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has been finally released, we want to know on what you think about it. Would you buy a Note 3? Why or why not? 


      Tuesday, October 15:

      - For others, it’s just a normal holiday today. But for our Muslim community, it is Eid al-Adha (Feast of the Sacrifice). Know more about this festival.


      Wednesday, October 16:

       - With Globe’s GoUnli30, gone are the days wherein only SMS messages can be used to converse with friends, cause CHAT APPS are taking the world by storm. See the emerging chat apps that I’m sure will fit your lifestyle!


      Thursday, October 17:

       - Throwback Thursday!

       - We have always been conversing with each other. Past or present, conversing has always been our forte.  The only difference now is the way we do them. Let us compare the messaging style of the past to the present.

       - See @jhey024 as she compares the messaging style of the past from the present .


      Friday, October 18:

       - Social Media is really booming. Everyone has access to one. But, no one really knows on what will happen with social media in the near future. How about you, what do you think will be the future of social media?








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