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    Follow up: LTE Sim activation


      Good pm,

      I would like to follow up on my concern, yung LTE micro sim ko kasi hanggang ngayon wala paring signal. Since friday night nawalan ng signal yung both simcards ko. Nakailang beses na ako tumawag sa hotline pero ilang beses din akong na advise-an na mag antay ng 24 hours. Hanggang sa umabot na ng 48 and so on...

      May nagsabi naman sa akin sa twitter nyo na ang number ko daw ay regular prepaid sim. 0917 prepaid sim? May screenshot ako kung kailangan nyo.

      Sa service center naman pinalitan lang yung sim ko pero ganun parin, wala din signal until now.

      May nagsabi naman din sa hotline, chiki ang name. graveyard shift sya. Sabi nya may sira daw ang mga sim cards na may 4131 and simula.

      Ano po ba ang aking nararapat na gawin?

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          Hi @ejiyu

          We are very sorry for this inconvenience. Since you have already tried the channels that can help resolve your problem but, still, your phone is not getting any signal.

          Maybe we can look at the problem from another angle. Have you tried having your phone checked by an expert? Maybe there are some settings that need fixing for your phone and sim to be compatible.

          Hope this helps.

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            Hello! I'm having the same issue. My lte sim has been replaced 3times. I feel really bad since this is my first time to get a post paid plan. And the only reason why I jump to post paid is to experience lte speed. I am also a globe line subcriber with unli 2mbps internet speed. Though globe call center agents are very polite by giving instructions and reference no . etc, I was told that there is an ongoing updates of the system. Until now it's been 5 days and counting waiting for activation of my lte sim. I asked for retrieval of my non lte sim for temporary use until lte sim becomes available but no longer possible.
            The trouble here is for how long will I wait.
            I'm losing my hope and planning to switch back to prepaid.
            This is entirely not my fault so I have my right to terminate my contract and return the free unused unit. Could someone comment on this matter.
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              Sad.... 7 days na...
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                Same with ejiyu..


                Sabi din sa akin sira daw yung batch ng LTE microsim na 4131 ang simula.  Unfortunately, yun ang nakuha kong sim.  I asked for replacement pero wala daw stocks ng LTE sim for Manila Numbers. tinanong ko kung pwede palitan na lang yung number ko para maging Cebu-based number, hindi naman daw pwede.  So I'm still stuck with my Non-LTE sim.  


                Saang branch ba merong stocks ng LTE micro/nano sims for Manila Numbers? Almost 2 months na ko naghihintay eh.  Kaya nga ko bumili ng Note 3 para sa LTE connection speed tapos hindi ko pa din magamit!!!!  Hassle na kasi eh!  Puro sorry na lang nariring ko! Sasabihin ng CSR, pumunta sa Globe Center Branch.  Pag pumunta ka naman sa Globe Center Branch, sasabihin itawag daw sa Customer Service.  Wow!!  Customer Service satisfaction at its best!!

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                  Mine got activated after 8 days. I called CSR and was advised to go where i got my sim, of course I insisted for a reference number. So I visited them and thanks GBC accommodated my concern. I was thinking that since my lte sim is not working, GBC will replace another sim every now and then until they found a working one. I surrendered my sim, I told them to just inform me when sim is already available. Left them with my contact number but noticed the 3rd sim issued was returned together with my id I presented. I waited for them to call, to my surprise my lte sim got a message and got activated. It seems to me that all sims are really working. I don't know why it took that long for them to activate. Then called GSC to have them informed and said that my billing statement will be readjusted. I'll just wait how it will goes on to my next billing statement. Not bad! I hope not....
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                    i went to Globe Market Market yesterday and they gave me a replacement, serial starts with 4131 and it's now activated. i think tsambahan lang talaga sa sim. but yeah you can try globe market market. :smileyhappy:

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                      Hahaha this is really funny. Nag issue cla ng lte sim 3 times then naaactivate naman only I found out out from GCC agent na ordinary sim lang daw I called them 2 times to confirm yah it was kya pala hindi ako mag ka signal ng lte. Yon pa naman reason ko para maka experience ng lte speed. Called globe agent today to terminate my contract and willing to pay the pre termination process mga sinungaling kayo!!!