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    Chat all you want with these wonderful chat apps


      If we look back at the past of mobile messaging, we would only see two types on how we could connect with each other and that is through texting and calling. But that is a notion of the past! Now, we can Call our friends abroad using Viber, enjoy real-time IM conversations via FB messenger, send cute, animated stickers using Kakao, and even leave personalized walkie-talkie voice messages using WeChat. Here comes the era of Chat Apps!




      Each Chat App has its own unique proposition that it can offer to the people who downloads them. The base line for the app is to allow the subscriber to converse with friends and family, but they are going the extra mile by adding more cool features. Cool features that range from sending stickers, calls to abroad, leaving voice messages, and so much more!


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      Now that you are aware of the different Chat Apps that you can use to talk with other subscribers, I bet you are wondering on what you can do to use these apps? Globe Prepaid has this covered, so you could enjoy these chat apps easily and instantly. With their GoUNLI30, you can enjoy UNLI Calls to Globe/TM and UNLI ALLNET Texts, plus FREE UNLI CHAT with the best Chat Apps for only P30!


      To register, simply dial *143# and choose GoSAKTO! You may also register by texting GOUNLI30 to 8888.


      Ready for unlimited fun with your unlimited chat apps? Ready, set, chat chat chat! :smileyvery-happy: