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    Get ready for the LG G2 from Globe




      Amid all the smartphone launches, LG shows that they are a force to reckon with. As they release their LG G2 smartphone, it is surely an amazing device that everyone should consider buying. Let’s dive into the details of this phone’s features and components.



      A look from the OUTSIDE


      With the growing demand for big screens, LG releases a 5.2-inch screen that has a full HD display. Even with this enormous screen the handling or fit of the LG G2 to the hand is a perfect fit. It is not awkward to hold and can be easily gripped.


      Even with its eye-catching design, it is somewhat undermined by its plastic casing/build. The design separates itself from other Androids because of its buttons (i.e. volume control, power/lock) that are placed at the back, just beneath the camera lens. With the physical buttons placed at the, this will be a debate on whether it is a benefit or a burden. It is a benefit when using the phone for calls, as the user can change the volume easily, from the back. Maybe it would be a burden for some, as locking/unlocking the phone from the back might be awkward for some users.



      A look from the INSIDE


       The phone has a 13-megapixel camera that can autofocus and a LED flash, that will surely take great photos whenever it is used. With all the pictures, games, music, and applications that you will store in this phone, a 2.26GHz quad core CPU and a 3,000mAh battery will surely allow you to use your phone to the fullest.


      Dual Recording/Dual Camera will allow you to be in the picture/video even if you are behind the camera. This feature allows you to activate the front and rear cameras simultaneously, so you could join the fun even if you are the one taking the picture/video


      Tracking Zoom enables you to focus on your subject while still taking the whole picture. Include everyone in your picture while still focusing on your subject.


      An Audio Zoom is also available. This would enable you to zero in on a specific audio source by zooming in on your subject while recording video. Afterwards, you can hear it more clearly during playback.


      Its 423ppi image density allows it to have the finest of details that results to texts that never appears smudged or somewhat off at the edges. With this feature, detailed HD images can be viewed all the time, no need to worry about your images not being in full quality.



       The LG G2 can be yours at only Php1799/month (Plan 1799 and you get your phone for FREE for 24 months contract period). Other postpaid options and prepaid kit pricing below.



      • 0. LG G2

        Number 1 Android phone daw ito ngayon?

        Tinalo ang S4, HTC One and Note 3 sa specs and low price.

        ioffer po ba ito ng Globe?



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