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    Changing of plan from PLAN 299 to All unli plan


      Hi i change my plan from Plan 299 to Allunli plan(booster 599 unli call and txt globe).is that an upgrade or downgrade?will i have chrages for theses change?

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          Hi @KarlTomalon ... that is a good question and upon verification with CSRs of Globe, the shift is considered as a downgrade even if the monthly service fee is higher in an All Unli Plan (minimum of P349/month of booster). According to them, the hierarchy of a plan is based on the number of PVs the plan is allocated with and that a fixed plan is also considered higher than a flexible plan.


          If you are still under a lock in contract with your plan 299 and would want to downgrade to an all unli plan, then you would have to pre terminate your contract and this would be subject to a pretermination fee.


          During the Holding Period, the Subscriber shall NOT TERMINATE, DOWNGRADE, ASSIGN OR TRANSFER any right or obligation of, his/her Best-ever MY SUPER PLAN Subscription. Otherwise, Subscriber shall pay the Pre-termination Fee and Php 550 Administration Fee. The Pre-termination Fee shall be computed as follows: Handset Base Price [HBP] – Cashout / Total Holding Period = ------------------------------------------- x Remaining Holding Period .


          Update: I was told that the Administration Fee of P550 would not be charged if the subscriber had already consumated half of the total holding period. Anyone to validate this?