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    postpaid application experience

      Here's what happened.

      I applied Sept 29. Passed all the requirements. Driver's license as ID and Billing Address. Credit Card for proof of income.

      after 3 days. They called to interview and they also asked for additional requirements, a billing statement and a clearer photocopy of ID with signature. Now that was irritating knowing that I passed what was indicated on the website. But the agent assured us that after we pass these requirements they will call within 24 hours to update me about the application.

      October 5. We went back to the store, passed the additional requirements. (We're only available during weekends- the agent knows that)

      October 6. No updates. I was pissed already because they promise that they will give an update after 24 hrs. So I called to follow up.
      October 7. No one called again. So again, I called to follow up they said it was still on process.
      October 8. No one called. So I called again, I talked to an agent that was saying there's no existing application. I dropped the call because I know it's not true. So I called again and I found out that there are problems regarding my billing address. They required me to bring a new proof of billing document.

      Oct9. I went to the Store. Gave them a billing statement. I was irate. I escalated my concern to a supervisor and asked her what should i do because no one was really updating me. Had I not called the hotline, i wouldn't know why the approval is taking so long. And so the supervisor contacted someone from the head office. So she instructed me to revise something in the form and since I'm not the account holder of this postpaid application they gave me the application form back and asked me to just go back when the billing address is already revised and the application is signed by the account holder himself after revision.

      Sept 12. We went back to the store. Gave them the application. The supervisor was there to assist us. They apologized for the trouble just because of the billing address. The supervisor asked us to stay at the mall as we are just waiting for the call from the head office and the handset will be available for pick up.

      We went home because we have a visitor. And just before we get out of the car we got a call from the head office. They interviewed me because I'll be the one using the plan. Then they asked for my dad. Later on we received another call that the phone is ready for pick up. So we went to the mall and while we are on our way they kept on calling us to confirm if we're in the mall already. After that I GOT MY PHONE FINALLY.

      one thing that i've learned about this is patience are for bummers. If you want to get something faster act on it. Don't be too patient. Others can process this within a day they need to be like that too. I was demanding for efficiency. I did not get it but at least, i got what i wanted faster than some people. Make it a point to make a follow up EVERYDAY. It wasn't a good experience with the sales team but I really appreciate their effort when i started to escalate them.
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          In the same way it would also help minimize delay if the following are done when submitting documents:


          1. Have as much supporting papers as possible to back up your claim that you are capable of financing the plan you wish to get. This also gives Globe a chance to be able to verify several parties in case one is not available at the time Globe makes that crucial call.


          2. To establish more credibility, documents gathered over a consecutive period of time showing consistency in being credit worthy would greatly help rather than just showing a document reflecting only 1 period.


          3. Make sure they are clear copies, complete and understand the essense of those documents rather than just for compliance.


          4. The documents should be in the name and address of the applicant and not somebody else's even if the person is a close relation. The application form should also reflect the same name and address as indicated on the documents submitted.


          5. Do get a hold on how to get in touch with the receiver of your documents so proper follow-up can be made.

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            1. It would also help if Globe Store's photocopy machine can produce a clear copy bec that's what they used to have a copy of my documents. :smileyhappy:

            2. It will help if the sales rep at the store will not assure you that what you've submitted is enough even if you've asked several times if you need to submit more documents.

            3. Do not tell your applicants that 2 document is enough even if it's not. Seriously, don't say that in your WEBSITE.

            4. i hope globe store reps will have a power to approve application of customers who have more than enough proof of income.
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                Points well taken.


                Unlike in other countries where they have credit bureaus or agencies where you could refer the credit worthiness of a person, the Philippines does not have any so Globe would have to rely on the validity of the documents submitted. This eats up most of their time specially in instances where timing of validation is contrained by availability of people not to mention the sheer number of applications to be approved. Add some inefficiences of the company and it takes even longer.


                There are many instances where the Globe business centers would approve the application on the spot specially if the documents are in order and easily verifiable and the tips above are followed with full understanding of why they are needed rather than compliance. Compare it to applying for a US Visa where such documents are required not because they want us to comply but rather to serve as supporting documents for a deeper reason.