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    re-contracting woes again...


      I had trouble with my re-contracting application as well for about a month now and it just progressively keeps getting worse. But today was just way beyond anything that's happened...


      Around early March my girlfriend and I applied for a re-contracting offer with an S3 mini handset as a free phone. We were told the unit would be ready for pickup within 5-7 days. 1 week passed and we stopped by her preferred globe store in Makati for the pick up. Turns out it wasn't ready yet, and unfortunately no one could tell us the reason why. The Globe store rep just said that the records said she should indeed receive her phone on that day, but didn't tell us why no unit was delivered or ready when we got there. They called the 211 hotline to find out what happened, and they couldn't tell us anything either. Even the manager could only apologize and used the usual, "We'll call you when we find something within 24-48 hours."


      That never happened. Instead we had to call them up repeatedly to check for the status, only to hear that nothing seems to be wrong and that the application status has "No problem". So, apparently promising to give us a phone which they didn't have isn't a problem to them. Which was already 2 weeks late at that point. Twice we had to go to the globe store to seem what's going on, and it was the same at both times: The Globe store was helpless to do anything, and anytime we contacted the CSR(whether from us or from the Globe store rep), was met with equal uselessness.

      On April 1, after I posted a rant on this very forum about my own experience, they called us up with the usual apology for the inconvenience and it looks like they "RE-processed" our application. As usual we got the 5-7 business day process thing which I understand.


      I should point out that I did finally get my phone around the 4th of April, but that was after I had to make several follow-up calls before one finally CAPABLE agent, actually called me up to tell me my preferred pick-up branch has an available unit to give me.


      Now all that was left was for her handset to be made ready at a different branch since she lives in Laguna. Funny thing was, no one gave us a callback on whether my gf's phone was ready or if there was some problem.

      So this morning, I called them up myself to check on her application status. And this was the actual conversation:


      Agent: "Sir, according to our records nareceive na daw po ni Ms. _____ ung handset nya."
      Me: "Impossible po yan. Wala pa po kaming kinukuhang unit sa branch. Ang sabi kasi today pa sya pwede for pick up."
      Agent: "Hmm, pero po sir, nakasabi po dito nareceive na po ung unit."


      This wasn't a great morning for me, in short. I asked them to double check on that, and check for any notes or escalations about this application. Because someone, somewhere obviously screwed up at some point.


      My gf, didn't take the news very kindly either. She called them up some time later, and took almost 1 hour for them to get a manager for her to talk to. It seems that their records show that her phone was DELIVERED to her billing address on March 20 and that it was received. So let's see:


      a) The original application and the second one was supposed to be for a BRANCH PICKUP and not a DELIVERY.
      b) She was not at the billing address on that day as she works at another city.
      c) There was no Authorization given to anyone else to receive the package (If it was INDEED delivered).
      d) There was no delivery made for any phone on that day according to the household.
      e) I'm fairly sure there's some kind of need to present an ID of some sort for verification purposed for a delievry like this... But I could be wrong.


      Here's the kicker: When they checked her account status, it also shows that her account has been changed from her old Plan 499 to Plan 999 which was the re-contracting upgrade we asked for originally. We were informed that they would only change the plan AS SOON AS she receives her phone. You can imagine how furious we were when we learned that it was changed earlier last month.


      She even stopped by briefly at the store to check if there was any phone delivered/ready for her this afternoon. No such luck.


      All they promised us was that they will be investigating this matter and that we'll hear from the MANAGER himself within 48 hours.


      So sad to say, things aren't going very well for her and I really can't let this pass especially since she applied much earlier than I did yet still couldn't get her phone. I really can't say this is any way to treat your customers.


      Also I'm posting this here, since they deleted my old thread. :smileysad:

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          They are going to delete this one again hehe. If the unit was for delivery it require authorization, a copy of ID or Credit Card under the name of the Receiver. Wag kayong pumayag..either kasalanan ng CSR na nagpadeliver or yung courier mismo. Ask the received receipt, the receiver should have sign it. Ask your GF also maybe someone received it and forgot to inform her.

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            Have you gotten a reference number for all the transactions thru hotline? I already got mine last night just presented the the reference number given to me by the CSR via 211. This time, they got it right though.


            I've talked to Scott of GBC - North EDSA (who provided my phone) regarding my recontract nightmare and he said there shouldn't supposed to be any problems once the customer has a reference number as provided by 211. I also observed that the person in charge of the queue asked if have a reference number for the pick up prior to letting me sign in the loyalty/repair list.


            P.S. Shout out to Scott, Dean and Jha-Jha of GBC - North EDSA Annex for a very accomodating service last night. :smileyhappy:

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              Actually, they weren't able to give us a reference number on the recent calls. They said that they were having "System issues" and could not generate a reference number. Sounds fishy to me, but then again I'm not surprised that their "system" is having "issues". So alas, we just have to wait again for them to contact us. Otherwise, we have them terminate her line. It's just not worth the month-long hassle...