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    GLOBE poor customer Service

      You have a very poor customer service. I am seriously wanting to report this. Its been more than a week now that I am calling/chatting with you guys to do a follow-up on my request to increase my credit limit. And I am not getting anywhere. these problems started all when i Signep up with u guys with the Globe Tattoo postpail plan 499. The GLobe store rep informed us that the plan 499 comes with 192 surfing hours and when i exceeded that amount, i'll be charged 10 pesos per hour. I was fine with that. on our first month we paid more than P700 and they say because of a prorated charge for few days of usage plus a full month of service. I uunderstand that. But what i dont understand is that, why they informed us we have 192 hours included on the P499 plan when it is just 80 hours?? so what you expect? we occured overages!! we were trying to maximize our usage knowing that we have 192 hours. Of course we want the best out of what we are paying. I incurred P1000 Overages just for a misinformation. ANd it's your store rep's fault!! NOw, what we are wanting to do is increase my credit limit so we can change the plan to the Plan999.. I sent you my proof of income. Got no response. I have been calling ur customer service and they're just giving me run arounds. "its still in progress" that's all they say! My god, i need to have unlimited plan now! i do some research works! if you are not going to respond or check on my request as soon as possible, you better credit my account and adjust my bill because of your misinformation..