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    Problems with BB Social


      I am a blackberry 8350 user (postpaid) and I register to BB Social every month. Although, this month, after two weeks within the registration, it doesn't say 'EDGE' anymore in capitals.


      Also, here are a couple more problems that I encountered:

      1. I can't access my twitter and facebook accounts and the internet even if I am connected to a WiFi network. (It says 'twitter services are currently unavailable' and 'we are unable to reach the facebok server this time') 

      2.  I tried restarting my phone and removing the battery and disconnecting from the mobile network but nothing happened.


      HELP PLEASE? I'm dying in here. Also, I still get updates from my bb messenger.


      THANK YOU :robothappy:

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          Have you tried re-registering your handset to bb services? I meant to blackberry itself, not to the network? If not yet, pls follow steps below.
          Go to Options>Device>Advanced System Settings>Host Routing Table>click the bb menu(the blackberry logo to the left of your trackpad) and choose register now.
          After doing that, wait for few seconds or sometimes at most a minute for a message from Blackberry that your handset has already been registered. Once you get the message then soft reset or refresh your handset.

          After your phone turns off and on by itself, make sure your data is turned on and see if the signal indicator is already in all CAPS. By thenN you should be able to use and maximize your social or data services again.

          Hope this helps! Let me know if there is something further I could do to help. Thanks!