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    iPhone 5 Replacement: It's been a month already and I never heard anything new from Globe


      I was waiting for updates coming from Globe regarding the replacement of my iPhone5 that I surrendered last September 23rd at Globe Festival Mall. I was told by the rep that it will just take 2-3 weeks. She even told me that 4 weeks will be the longest time I'll be waiting. During the 2nd week of waiting, I started talking to @talk2globe in Twitter. All I get from them was that they'll monitor or whatsoever, yeah! I know that they're doing their best to reach me and update me but what pisses me off is that I was not told that the iPhone replacement will usually take 1-2 months!! I hope they just set my expectations properly, we're running around circles here guys. Today is Oct 20th, but still no new updates coming from Globe.