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    THE WEEK AHEAD - October 21 - October 25


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      Hello Community!


      For everyone who’s having the semester break, how are things? Enjoying the laid back lifestyle? :smileyvery-happy:. As you enjoy your wonderful break, allow Globe Community to share with you the latest things that you can do while you are enjoying your break.


      Whether it is chatting with friends, playing online, paying your bills, or creating an idea all can be done under our innovative atmosphere.



      Here is this week's THE WEEK AHEAD





      P.S. Want to contribute to the Community? Just send me a PM!




      THE WEEK AHEAD - October 21 - October 25



      Monday, October 21:

      - To all avid Facebook users, watch out as we release something big! :smileyvery-happy:

      - Globe brings you FREE Facebook!


      Tuesday, October 22:

      - Social Media is really booming. Everyone has access to one. But, no one really knows on what will happen with social media in the near future. How about you, what do you think will be the future of social media?


      Wednesday, October 23:

      - Have you heard of FREEMIUM? This is a model that is being used in our favorite software, media, games or web services. Know more about Freemiums!


      Thursday, October 24:

       - Throwback Thursday!

       - Everyone’s been posting their own versions of TBT images. But for you, what is the best TBT picture you have ever seen.


      Friday, October 25:

       - Let the creative juices flow and kick start your idea/project. All ideas are great,  all you have to do is start it, to make it extraordinary.







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