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    BETA Globe Website Down: Advisory Error


      Hey all! 


      Just noticed since earlier today and late last night I wasn't able to log onto my account due to Globe Server errors. Even when I tried logging on through my Facebook account and Gmail, I wasn't able to do so. Quite frustrating. But, since it is still through its Beta stages that's understandable. Just wanted to give everyone a quick FYI just in case you experience my frustration. I had to call 211 hotline just to get information on a few queries. 


      Anyway, another error when logging in was the GLOBE Advisory for their "Scheduled Maintenance activity," Globe, please fix this! It says, 


      "We are currently conducting a scheduled maintenance activity. Sorry for the inconvenience.

      You may visit our website again on September 25, 7AM.

      Meanwhile, you can reach us through any of these online channels if you need
      any help with your billing and other Globe services."



      Umm, yea it's already October 21!