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    Newly installed Globe internet only plan 999 - 3Mbps


      We have a new installed intenret only plan 999 nung Sept 19, saturday 3pm. Today is Sept 21, 10pm. 


      Ang sabi ng technician eh 512kbps daw muna ang speed namin and after 2 days tsaka na magiging max speed which is up to 3Mbps.


      I know meron na pong post na same nito and luckily in his case naayos na agad in 1 and half day.


      Pero until now hanggang 490Kbps lang ang speed.  Speedtest result


      Just wondering hanggang kelan kaya bago magging max na ung speed.



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          Why do new Globe Tattoo subscribers get 5 Mbps internet, but older Globe customers only get 3Mbps? It is my opinion that any plan change, that affords any customer with better service, should be granted to ALL customers. Why would GLOBE penalize past customers for being past customers - and not give them the upgraded service. This is not good business.
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              I have talked to globe costumers service about my connectio, it took 3 of them before I finally get a ticket and I was told to wait for 24hours for my concerns to take effect.


              And luckily a few hours later, my 512kpbs connection went to full speed to 2.5Mbps. Which I enjoyed for a few hours.


              This morning, when i tried speedtest again and the result is this.


              In the flyers distributed by globe it was stated there that there will be a 1Mbps speed boost to new subscibers.


              If we do the math, it stated again in the flyers that 80% gauranteed speed. So for the 3Mbps that would be 2.4Mbps. This was the speed I enjoyed a couple of hours yersterday.


              But where is the 1Mbps speed boost????  Also it was stated in the flyers that the DL speed wont get below 150Kbps but now I am downloading at 50-60Kbps.


              Perfect globe.......... Perfect