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    How to Enable LTE on your Phone


      Hi guys, im creating this thread to help enable your Globe LTE


      Ensure your device is LTE capable ( iP5, iPadMini..etc )

      1. For Iphone 5/iPadMini

      - Request a Nano Sim to Globe Store with 4G LTE mark on it.

      - Check your iPhone 5/iPadmini software version, should be 6.1or Higher.

      - Enable LTE, under cellular on your Settings.

      - Under General, About, Carrier should be Globe 14.1

      - Request Globe Store or Hotline to enable your LTE provision.

      - Wait until your Signal Toggle from 3G to LTE ( waiting can be painful, need to follow up globe ragarding your request )

      - Ensure your area is LTE Covered.


      Additional info: http://www.globe.com.ph/press-room/lte-on-their-iphone-5


      iPadMini Screenshots: