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    BBM for Android


      Now that BBM is available for Android and IOS user's can someone verify if I am correct regarding data charges when using it.


      for example im in a unlimited BBM plan in globe, what if i change my device from BB to android and use my sim which is registered to unliBB chat..can i still use BBchat and pay for the same charges.?


      I just told my friend that he can actually use his sim and BBChat in android device but since android device usually have running applications in background(which may consume data charges) I cannot assure that he will going to pay same price as before when he use BBChat in BB phone..tama po ba na he might also have data charges in his account?


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          Hello @liunard1928 !


          These terms and conditions shall govern the relationship between Globe Telecom and the user of the BB Chat service.

          • Service is available to all Globe Postpaid and Globe Prepaid subscribers using a BlackBerry® smartphone only.
          • The unlimited data allocation covers the BlackBerry® Messenger service only.
          • All other Internet-related services not mentioned above (such as, but not limited to, Internet browsing, social networking applications, and push email) are not covered by this service.
          • The unlimited data allocation covers local use only. User will incur additional charges upon use of this service in other countries while on roaming. Roaming rates will vary per country and per carrier. Globe requires user to stop/turn off the service prior to departure from the Philippines to ensure that no BB Chat charges will be incurred while roaming.
          • Any free SMS or voice calls allocation that comes with this service only covers local SMS or voice calls to Globe or TM.
          • Prepaid subscribers must have PhP1 in airtime credits to use this service.
          • Postpaid subscribers are subject to standard credit policies concerning account redirection, suspension or disconnection in relation to use of this service.
          • Globe reserves the right to terminate the service in cases involving fraud.

          By subscribing to the service, the user agrees to the above terms and conditions.



          Source: http://surf.globe.com.ph/plan/blackberry-chat

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            Those BBM app on non BB device  will use regular mobile data, parang  mga viber, we chat lang siguro sya. 


            Kakadownload ko lang din kanina kaso wala naman akong friend na ka BBM hehe.