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    Stolen Cables: How long does it take for Globe to fix this?


      Hello fellow subscribers, 


      From October 1st up to today I have no Internet connection. Naturally, I would call the hotline to ask what's happening. It was reported that cables were stolen near my distribution point and repairs are currently ongoing and they're doing their best-kuno on resolving the issue. 


      It's now October 23 yet not even once I saw my modem's Internet led light up. 


      What's even more frustrating is that Globe doesn't give temporary solutions on this problem. They might have as well gave us a free broadband stick to temporary use.


      Been calling the hotline everyday asking for a status update on the repairs.


      I understand that they give rebates but having Internet access is more important. You don't have apply to two ISPs right? So that when the other fails, you can access the other. 


      Globe doesn't not understand that especially if the repairs will take more than weeks to finish. 


      Anyone have the same experience as I am? 

      How long does it take for Globe to fix or replace stolen cables? 

      How does Globe handle these situations? 


      TL;DR: Cables stolen, no internet access up to today due to repairs.

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          Unfortunately, rebates and/or refunds are the only things Globe is expected to offer under the terms and condtions:


          7.5.2 If the Service is suspended and the suspension was not as a result of circumstances reasonably attributable to you or to the equipment that is owned by you for use with the Service, you will be entitled to a refund or a rebate of any access fees for the period of suspension. You should contact our Customer Service Hotline (+632 7301000) or 211 using your Globe Mobile, Globe Stores or your account manager for your refund. 


          As a matter of suggestion and if the internet is very important to you, why not get a prepaid sim to access the internet on a day to day or even a weekly basis as a temporary alternative? It may sound crude but it would be better than waiting for a period with no definite relief in sight.