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    Globe Hotline vs Globe Twitter accounts!


      I don't know if I created this topic in the right section.


      Just want to share my recent Globe experience.

      Reported the same concern via Globe hotline (211) and Globe Twitter account (@talk2Globe) but I got different answers.


      I am reporting my problem re Globe's weak signal in our area from time to time. Since I've been reporting this case for years, I am hoping to get a positive feedback or at least an improvement. Unfortunately, umasa lang ako sa wala.

      Answer via @talk2globe: (Late last year)
      1st answer: Weak signal is due to network on-going system maintenance.
      2nd answer: As per checking, the issue has been resolved.

      However, my signal is still the same.


      Reported it again via one of the Twitter accounts of Globe (not the @talk2globe) last week of March. The agent told me to expect a feedback within 6 working days. I received a phone call this afternoon that as per their technical team my current location is 500 (something) meters away from the serving area and there are still on going study to build (not the exact term) a site to improve the signal. On-going study pa lang so meaning matatagalan pa. In short, the least thing that I can do is to wait. Afte the conversation, got a text from Globe that my case has been completed. Err how come it was completed/closed (as term by the agent) where in fact it did not solve my problem? Parang ang nakuha ko lang sagot ay ganito "wala kang choice ma'am kundi maghintay kung kailan matatapos ang study namin at maayos ang signal. Case closed." :womanfrustrated::womanfrustrated:

      Okay granting that the real situaton is there's an on-going study, wala na ako magagawa. Meaning hahabaan ko na naman ang pasensya ko sa napakahinang signal ng Globe. If in the first place I found out that there is no chance that my signal will improve soon, I didn't waste my time calling their hotline (na ang hirap tawagan before) and tweeting their agents to report and follow-up.

      Why do these Globe agents have different answers? This is not the first time to experience this. Other scenario is with regards to re-contracting offers. An hotline agent told me that this is because they belong to different departments. But my point is even if they do, they are still under one company so what's the rationale of having different answers on same issue? Services is impossible to be perfect but I think the feedback to customer concerns should be very satisfactory, accurate and consitent. :smileyhappy:


      Try ko kaya sa Globe store baka iba din sagot. :womantongue:


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          Sa akin din dati nangyari yan, magkaiba yung sinasabi ng Email, Hotline and Twitter agents.

          SIguro hindi centralize yung information ng mga reports natin sa kanila. Dapat kasi kapag nagreport ka example sa isang channel, eh dapat nakarecord na yun sa isang centralize customer report database. Para kapag tumawag ka or nagtweet or email, eh ioopen lang nila yung database tapos nandun na lahat yung mga history ng reports mo pati yung sagot ng mga agents nandun din dapat.

          Well para sa akin madaling sabihin pero ewan ko mahirap gawin yun. :smileyhappy:

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            I think they marked your case as "closed" or "resolved" because they already took action on the matter (ongoing study). Pending other developments, that's all they could do.

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                Hi guys! Globe agents are using one and the same system, but answers may vary depending on the time date of your complaint.

                The way I understand the post and list of events that happened, the concern that was closed is pertaining to the concern on the ongoing network maintenance. The second complaint you had is a new one and was therefore acted upon (where you got a call after).

                Network concerns are assessed in different levels, too technical to explain, but rest assured that once complaints are sent to whatever channel, these are being looked into. Of course it's being prioritized given several factors. :smileyhappy:
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                    Sir point taken. Syempre lahat ng sagot mo hindi against sa Globe. :smileytongue: LOL! 


                    My point is the time of complaint is different but the nature/main problem is still the same. A follow-up complaint to an unanswered complaint/s which was reported to Globe long time ago.


                    Accuracy and consistency, that's the main points. :smileyhappy: 


                    I rest my case. Wala naman ako magagawa. The least thing that I can is to convince myself that Globe is really doing something to our complaints. :smileyhappy:



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                        I agree with notevenfollowed that there should be a centralized database for all reports whether you've contacted Chat, Email, Phone, Twitter or Globe Store. This is to make it easier to follow up an issue.

                        I had a case before where they've provided me a Reference Number over-the-phone. I followed up via Twitter but they still ask me for the exact issue when they could just pull up the Reference Number using their database. After some time, they escalated my case (to a different department, I guess) and provided me another Reference Number.

                        I've worked with several BPOs before that provide support on US-based companies and they have a centralized database for all reports. The Report # generated on the first contact will be used across all support lines (chat, email, phone). Globe should have the same database.
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                    I think they are centralized but with restrictions, there are certain areas that Globe Store and Hotline can both access but there are areas also restricted to each. That is why im getting different response from both. One time I let them talk to discuss with my concern because both are telling me different things, hassle. Until now it is still unresolve. Im just tired of calling and going to globe store.:smileymad:

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                      My case:

                      I got my Globe Broadband Tattoo Postpaid Myfi Stick last January 12,2012. (you read it right 2012).

                      January 14,2012 i raised a network related concern. January 20, 2012 case was escalated DAW.

                      July and september may dumalaw na tech specialist sa location. May dalang laptop na maingay salita ng salita. At 3 lumang lumang cellphone na may packing tape.

                      October 2012 i decided to terminate my line kasi unserviceable daw yung location ko. 1km away from the cell site.


                      November kumuha uli ako ng line, this time mobile internet unlisurf 999.

                      Up to date: April 28,2012
                      mabagal pa rin ang connection, wala pa ring nangyayari.

                      That is Globe's way of modernizing their network.