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    DSL internet + landline plan 1299 inquiries


      First, before I waste my time trying to apply, can anyone tell me beforehand if Globe offers DSl + Landline service to the Trece Martires City area in Cavite(De Ocampo, specifically)?


      If so, I am looking at installing DSL at that location.


      But, I may be moving prior to when the lock-in period expires, so I would like to transfer my service to the new(nearby) location in Tanza.


      Can anyone tell me what the fee would be to do this?


      Or if it is not possible, what the pre-termination fees for this package would be after around 5 months of service?


      Also, can anyone tell me if the free unlicalls to Globe and TM would allow a landline phone to call a Globe roaming mobile number for free?


      Lastly, if DSL is not available in my area, can anyone tell me if the WIMAX service is still experiencing the frequent/random disconnection/speed problems reputed to plague the Trece Martires area(presumably due to insufficient network infrastructure to accomodate Globe subscribers)?