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    Feedback: GXI/GCashPayment


      It's not really a complaint but more of a feedback.


      I recently (to be honest... a current issue) had a very hard time with Globe's GXI response with it comes to payment using GCash on my account. In a way... I can understand long processing in terms of GCash AMEX due to it's a joint corporate account so refunds takes 3 months or so in processing.




      I always pay 10 days early when it comes to my bills, well that's the magic of paperless billing *o*. But when I tried to pay via GCash for my bill. It's still not reflected in my SOA for paperless billing, even if I run USSD codes or text plan balance. My payment doesn't reflect. I have all transaction records with me including bank transfers and so-on.


      I already contacted certain parties to address this issue but to no avail, I always receive the typical three days reply and please hold due to the system is taking longer than expected excuse.


      The worst thing is... I'm afraid they might cut off my line in the end of the month even though I've paid my bill. Well holidays are coming. And if my line is cut. Worst holiday ever. x_x


      Well in any TSC there is always this one employee who forgets to add notes to account details saying "Subscriber is paid, but their is an issue with our system". Third party BPO to branch miscommunications, system errors and stuff. Well I hope this isn't the case.


      Well if they cut of my Plan even though I'm paid. I can always contact NTC. lol.


      Update: 10/29/2013


      Still no update, I even checked with the branch and had a chance to talk to a semi-retarded CSR. Well,the thing is... I am clearly pointing to the specific transaction records and she keeps scrolling to the wrong transaction number and keeps pointing out the wrong reference number on another date. Happened 6 times while we were talking about my problem. lol. Dona was the name. Anyway, kept my cool and still waiting for any updates from the main branch, the TSC, and GXI feedback. Yet here's the topic with it's ugly head. :smileyvery-happy:

      Anyway... did anyone here experienced this issue with their service as well? ^_^