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    Phone upgrade while on a plan

      Let me begin with a story. Last feb i started my plan, i availed mysuper plan 1799 with iphone 5. Now there is iphone 5s available. Obviously i'm still in a contract. The main question is makakapag upgrade ba ko ng 5s without paying anything? Okay lang kahit mag extend ako ng contract. Basta opening a new line is not an option for me. Thanks guys sa sasagot :smileyhappy:
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          @Neil_ronquillo definitely not, you can upgrade yur Plan to 1799 higher (plan 2499 i thin) but without a handset. 


          But you have other iptions to avail iPhone 5s

          1. Sell your iPhone 5 then buy the new iPhone 5s

          2. Early recontracting of your Plan, mahal ang babayaran mo lalo kung less than a year pa lang ang iyong Plan.

          3. Wait muna natin offer ni Globe baka may Plan Reset sila, pero certain ako aabot ng 20K+++ yung babayaran mo in case, then another cashout for iPhone 5s



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              As I was studying the new provisions for pre-termination, there is actually no penalty if one pre-terminates except maybe for the administrative fee of Php 550. Sometimes this fee is even waived if the remaining period of the contract is less than 50% of the original contract.


              All one has to do is the pay the remaining cost of the device one had availed of which did not actually come free but is being paid for by installment as a deduction of privileges in the form of consumables in one's plan.


              Unlike in the past years and with other telcos, there was a penalty fee amounting to a fixed amount which one would have second thoughts before terminating.


              The beauty of the new plans now is that the lock-in period only pertains to the installment period of the device and nothing more. Pay for the rest of the balance anytime and you are out of the lock-in period and could enter into another "installment" or another plan once again.