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    Upgrade handset with an existing plan

      Hi! I am on plan 299 with a cloudfone and it was applied June 2012. My lock in will be finished 8 months from now. Now I want to upgrade my plan to 1799 with a unit of iphone 5. Is that possible? If yes, can you estimate my balance (cash out & settling fee) Thank you so much!
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          HI @Jpgnzls you can choose between early recontracting or plan termination

          Almost same lang yung computation para sa FEE at since more than 1 year ka na sa Plan mo half the unit price ng cloudfone lang ang gagamitin sa pagcompute.



          Plan 299, SRP Cloudfone: 5000, Zero cashout

          Termination: (5000/2)*(number of remaining months contract/24 months)+ termination FEE


          Pagdating naman sa recontracting, hindi ako sigurado kasi magulo yung CSR na kausap ko last time hehe..pero yung computation(ignore the amount) above was based on my actual plan termination request last May 2013, the best way is tawag ka sa Hotline or Loyalty department to have the actual sample computation.


          When you upgrade your Plan, they are going to check your credit limit first and possible humingi sila ulit ng updated info mo like payslip or financial statement to check your capabilities of paying the MRF.



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            Termination Fee.jpg

            You need to terminate first your current plan if you want to upgrade your plan with new handset. I agree with @hcescala if your credit limit is not enough to upgrade for plan 1799 you need to provide financial documents. 


            You have another option, you can apply for additional line but still you need to increase your credit limit.