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    Being impatient here, Online application


      I applied last monday online about a plan 999/month + LG G2 Cashout na P9400 since then no call except the same day to confirm my application. Now i went to globe store on Trinoma and SM Annex about sa Plan but Out of Stock na sila. So what are my options than waiting for the online application to be approved?. Any Store na Within Bulacan or Metro Manila na may possible na Stock ng LG G2????

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          Hi @Gloria41 ... Based on my experience, online application really takes longer than applying in a business center where one can get approved right away if the credentials are easily met and verified and the unit can be released if there is stock.


          On the other hand, since there is no stock in the business centers you have mentioned, you might be enlightened to know that the allocation for online sales is different from the allocation given to the business centers in which case it might be a blessing in disguise. The only problem is, you would not know what is transpiring unless you were able to get a hold of the number of your account officer so you can make the necessary follow-up.


          Next time you receive a call, make sure to ask for their number... it is your right.

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            its hard to trace that kind of problem, like with the HTC One that's been a hell of inventory from the start to the end.

            my advice is you look for LG Store and see if there are stock with them. ask them if you can get it with a Globe Plan.

            That's been HTC is doing right now, i saw their concept store and there is a poster that you can get the phone with a Globe Plan right there from the spot.
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              I applied online on Oct 5 2013 and got my sim delivered today, Oct 30, 2013.