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    iPhone5 repair

      Last July 25, 2013, I submitted my iPhone 5 for repair to our local Globe store here in Zamboanga City. I was told that the repair will only take a month. I asked for a service unit but they said that none was available. So, I got another phone and another sim card.

      I came back after a month, hopeful that the unit was already available but was discouraged to be informed that the repair will take another 1 to 2 months. I waited and also made my follow through @talk2Globe on Twitter. Replies are usually "waiting for feedback" or "still in process" until this case has already reached its 3rd month. I have been waiting for 94 days already! And I have been going back to the Globe store for any update but they cant give me any definite response.

      Hope you can help me with this concern. Am really, really disappointed with the long wait already. As a user on a re-contract subscription, I really hope that I get help in the soonest time. I dont want to wait any longer.
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          Hi @IvyFrancisco it is actually frustrating, Hi @GlennO and @EldridgeT you might want to check her concern. As we all know iPhone 5 was phased out

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            hi! i got my iphone5 last nov 5 under a postpaid plan..after 2 days the line was activated. and then i had problems since whenever i lock the screen it automatically turnoffs. i returned it on the 14th and they said they will have it fixed. but it has been 3 weeks and no news yet..are they not going to replace it with a new one? sbi nila, d dw sila nagrereplace..apple dw..e i only used it for less than 10 days..its really frustrating since im going to pay like 1800 per month since i subscribed in an unli surf..they gave me a service phone na c1 which can pnly txt or call..nakkafrustrate tlga service ng globe!

            Hope somebody can give me an advice on what to do..