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    Globe DSL Ping for LoLNA



      So does anybody play on the NA server for LOL? Preferably yung mga Globe DSL subscribers lang din so I can get a much more in depth feedback regarding sa ping and if playeable, I've lost faith in Globe nad LoLPH since the issue hasn't been resolved and my LP is decaying as of this moment and I can't login. So the heck with it and the crappy service, I'll try to migrate on other servers.

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          Definitely PLDT and Globe's fault for their ongoing and everlasting Profit war.



          • This issue of "Globe is lag ONOZ" has been going on for a few months now, though Garena can't be directly blamed for this since the root of the problem lies in Philippine ISPs being too concerned with profits to provide better services to their customers, which is really a demonstration of how big monopolies do nothing to improve product quality.

          • From the providers' point of view, upgrading to better hardware and software standards is a huge investment that has to be made up for by additional subscribers. However, even despite the growing rate of Internet penetration in the Philippines, a majority of households still cannot afford good-quality Internet, leading to the proliferation and thriving of Internet cafes, which is an increase of Internet users without a corresponding increase of subscriptions. This means that any expenses that ISPs spend on upgrades will take a long time to make up. This basically means that they experience a certain decrease in their income in the short to medium term for an unclear long-term gain, because again, more users but not more subscriptions.

          TL;DR - Major ISPs can't do huge upgrades because in general the country is too poor to pay for anything they might want to roll out, leading to all this. One solution for this would be for a new ISP to emerge that doesn't rely on the PLDT monopoly and provides better service. But like anyone here has the cash or the know-how for that.