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    iPhone 5S and 5C, Available by November 15, Excited?

      By November 15, the new flagship phone of Apple iPhone 5S and the colorful version iPhone 5C will become available from Globe, and the competitor. Who is excited to get his hands on the new iphone(s)? Share your comments :smileyhappy:
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          Globe announces exclusive upgrade program "iPhone Forever" that lets new and existing subscribers swap their current devices for a new iPhone for free, or with a one-time cashout depending on the device being traded in, every year.


          How to Apply:

           *Consumable amount may be used for availing combos under my Best Ever Super Plan

          **Points Value applies

          ***Trade-in Gadget subject to terms and conditions






          Get the iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c under Globe’s Best-Ever mySUPERLAN:

          The iPhone 5c - P1,799 monthly at Plan 999 with a monthly cashout of P800

          The iPhone 5s - P2,199 monthly at Plan 1799 with a monthly cashout of P400

          These plans have unlimited LTE surfing and consumable peso-value that can be used to avail of calls and texts promos.


          iPhone 5S and 5C Prepaid Kits:


          iPhone 5C
          16GB - 29,000.00
          32GB - 34,200.00


          iPhone 5S
          16GB - 34,400.00
          32GB - 39,600.00
          64GB - 44,800.00