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    GoUnli30 is available also to Blackberry users. Yahoo!

      Yes, the new GoUnli30 that gives you unlimited text to all networks and unli call to Globe and TM and unli chat using apps such as wechat, viber, line, fb messenger etc for 1 day is also available to blackberry.

      Just to clarify, I have not tested it with all or other blackberry handsets though. But, so far it is working fine and I am enjoying it on my blackberry curve 9300. If you are using the same blackberry handset as mine or wanna test it on other blackberry handsets, just follow the steps below.

      First, register to GoUnli30 by simply dialing *143#, then option 1, then 5, then 1. As soon as you get the confirmation message, go to:

      Options>Device>Advanced System Settings>TCP IP>then check or activate APN Settings Enabled and type http.globe.com.ph for APN. Just leave the rest blank or unchecked. Then save. Afterwards turn on your data by going to Options>Networks and Connections>Mobile Network> then turn on data services. You may also do the shortcut on you homepage. As soon as you turn on your data, you should already be able to connect and chat with friends on your preferred chat app.

      In case it doesn't work immediately after following the steps above and turning on your data services, just refresh you mobile connection ny turning of mobile network without turning off your handset then after a minute turn it back on.

      *this is so far tested again on BB Curve 9300 only using prepaid sim.

      Share your thoughts and comments! Thanks :smileyhappy: