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    VERY FRUSTRATED - iPhone 5 Repair

      I had my phone repaired 9/28 and was told by this representative, Claren Olavidez, to expect it back by 2-3 weeks. Came back to the store a few days after the 2 week mark and got no information from the agent there. I was told to wait for a week more. Still no response.

      Reached phone support, got nothing. Was even referred back to the store.
      Chat support, nothing.
      Twitter, nothing. What's worse is I have to wait for their reply a few hours after the query.

      So I went back to the store earlier today, 1 day after the 1 month mark and was told by this "Greg" that there's nothing they can do about it. They're also waiting for feedback.


      How about fetching feedback from them??

      Ganun na lang ba yun? Nga nga na lang after kunin yung device from the customer?
      Kung pwede lang sana, hindi ko na pinadaan sa inyo yung device, tutal mas masipag naman pala akong mag follow-up kesa sa mga agents nyo eh.

      Anong silbi ng mga agents nyo? Tagasabi ng rehearsed excuses?!

      Do something about this!!